About Us

AA Slick Tyres is a garage service centre that is committed to the ideal of servicing its customers with the best products and services available in the market. We consider it our duty to provide nothing less than the best to our customers with conviction and dedication. For this, we employ a team of experts and technicians that is highly skilled. However, as an artist needs a good brush to paint a good picture, our technicians also need their equipment. Therefore, we have invested in the latest technology available in the market. Our team specialises in utilising this superior machinery for the good of our customers.

Other than using machines to solve vehicle-related issues, is there anything else that our team is good at? Oh yes! We have trained our team at customer engagement and interaction. Which means they are always at your disposal to provide you with substantial advice. Remember, an advice coming from an expert in automotive is worthwhile and should be taken seriously. This is our method of realising a dream we initially constructed with the community of customers we started with. The dream is to create an aware and rational market where justice is the triumphing value.

In order to achieve this, we not only make our customers aware of everything, but we offer the same. Our words are not hollow, and we do not say what we do not mean. This is proved by the fact that our stocks are stacked with a wide range of high-quality tyres from premium brands like Goodyear, Falken, Bridgestone, Continental, and Yokohama. From tyres specialised for different seasons to tyres specialised for different budgets- we have it all! From summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres to budget tyres and part worn tyres- everything is available in one place and under one roof.

It is to note that we specialise at part worn tyres. Each tyre goes through a thorough safety check. None of the tyres being sold at AA Slick Tyres has a tyre tread depth less than that of 5mm. Your safety is most important for us, and that is why we employ measures to take good care of it. Our website features a special tyres finder tool that can help you browse through tyres with the specifications of your choice. All you have to do is add the specifications through the drop-down boxes and click on the “go” button.

We also provide vehicle-related services like wheel alignment, battery service, exhaust repair, brake pads and discs, car servicing, and diagnostics. Bring your vehicle at our garage, and within no time, our team will plug the problem your car is facing. Once done, you will be made aware of what the problem is, and then you will be provided with a list of options that can be employed to fix the problem. This is done to accommodate our service to your budget. We will make you aware of the consequences of each option. The rest of it is your choice. If this sounds like a fair option, then we request you to drive-in today.

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