Tyres Bewdley

The small riverside parish town of Bewdley is located at 3 miles west of Kidderminster and marks the gateway to the famous Wyre Forest National reserve.

For the car owners of this town, AA Slick Tyres offers a range of products and services. We have several choices when it comes to buying tyres Bewdley. We stock tyres that are equipped to meet the demands of driving in Bewdley.

What do we offer?

  1. Summer and winter tyres

AA Slick Tyres stocks a broad range of summer and winter tyres that are designed to offer performance and handling.

Winter tyres are specially made to suit cold temperatures and are made of soft rubber compounds present in varying proportions, integrated with silica. They provide a solid grip and are far more robust as compared to summer tyres or all-season tyres.

Summer tyres are suitable when temperatures go above 7° C. These tyres usually have at least 3 longitudinal groves that evacuate water quickly on wet roads to eliminate hydroplaning. 

  1. All-season tyres

We understand that when it comes to handpicking a reliable set of new tyres, longer tread life and excellent traction is of paramount importance. Keeping this in mind, we now stock all season car tyres Bewdley that are tailor-made to sustain different weather conditions.

Not only are these tyres strong and robust, but they can be cost-effective too. Buying a set of all season tyres will help you do away with swapping and replacing tyres every now and then.

Our range of summer, winter, and all-season tyres are available in affordable price segments as well. These budget car tyres can match the performance and fuel economy of products from premium brands.

  1. Part-worn tyres

Part-worn tyres happen to be quite popular these days, thanks to the fact that these can be very economical to some. At AA Slick Tyres, we recognise the fact that not all owners of four-wheelers intend to spend so much on premium branded wheels. As a solution, we offer a broad collection of part-worn cheap tyres Bewdley that are completely salvageable and have passed various safety tests too.

Owners nevertheless must keep in mind that these tyres do moderately well, although the performance of such tyres can hardly be called top-notch. But with our part-worn tyres, you can rest assured that they are from trustworthy and well-known brands.

  1. Wheel alignment services

Ensuring your car wheels are rightly aligned not only increases the vehicle’s overall performance but also lengthens the tyres’ lifespan.Wheels can get misaligned owing to a lot of factors: bad road conditions, such as potholes, corrosive and uneven surfaces or just gradual wear and tear of car components.

AA Slick Tyres also offers superior wheel alignment services that will save you all the frequent trips to the garage. In addition to four-wheel alignment, we also carry out front-end wheel alignment.

If you are not confident about what kind of tyres are the best fit for your car, one of our friendly technicians will be more than happy to help you. You can call us on 01562 752480 or locate us at Unit 6A, Whitehouse Rd, Kidderminster DY10 1HT, UK if you happen to be in the area.

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