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Churchill, a small village in Worcestershire, is among the last ones of water-power plating forges in the country. It is a small neighbourhood with very low population, leaving the civic amenities somewhat lacking.

For all the problems related to your car, we at AA Slick Tyres are here to help you. From car repair and maintenance to tyres Churchill, you will find all with us.

A little more on the different kinds of tyres that we have -

  1. Summer and winter tyres

Summer tyres can be used from spring to autumn, provided that the temperature does not dip below 7° C. The rubber content in summer tyres is relatively less, but at the same time, offering satisfactory handling and grip over both wet and dry roads. The tread pattern in these tyres is more streamlined along with lesser grooves.

Summer tyres also have 3 to 4 longitudinal grooves to drain water more effectively for minimising aquaplaning. Their contact patch with road is also higher.

On the other hand, winter tyres have more rubber compound making it slow to harden even with dipping temperatures. The tread designs in these tyres have deeper blocks, which is different from summer tyres. It helps to provide better grip over snow and slush.

  1. All-weather tyres

All-weather car tyres Churchillcan be an alternative to summer and winter tyres as these provide grip in moderate dry, rain and mild winter temperatures.These tyres will eliminate the need to change your car tyres with every season. However, these are not well suited for extreme weather condition.

  1. Part-worn tyres

We stock part-worn tyres as well. If you have budgetary constraint or do not require premium brand tyres for your purpose, check for these cheap tyres Churchillin our inventory. The part-worn tyres we have in our stock meet all regulations as mandated by the UK Government.

  1. Budget car tyres

For those seeking new car tyres but not wanting to spend a hefty amount, we have products for them too. Our budget car tyres are from manufacturers that are less popular. However, these tyres deliver the performance and control like any other premium tyre model.

Other than retailing car tyres, we alsoprovide other services like wheel alignment, tyre pressure check, exhaust system repairs/replacement, vehicle diagnostics, and more. 

For any enquiry, please feel free to call us on 01562752480 or visit our facility at Unit 6A, Whitehouse Rd, Kidderminster DY10 1HT.

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