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At AA Slick Tyres we make sure that the diagnostics run on your vehicle do not make any compromises in the quality. We know the importance of diagnostics, especially on performance vehicles. Therefore, we are committed to the task at hand. We run the complete system, physical, and software diagnostics on your vehicle to ensure there are no issues that plague its running.

The need for diagnostics on a vehicle

A vehicle, regardless of its size or uses, works because the systems in the vehicle work as a single unit. If any part of the unit stops functioning in its intended way, the entire system starts collapsing. If the problem in the smaller part is not rectified timely, then the results can be catastrophic. The quicker a problem in a smaller system is diagnosed, the better and easier will be the repair work.

The different systems in a vehicle like the transmission, the engine, the steering, and suspension are all the result of a large number of minute parts that are designed to work as a unit. A small problem in the steering like vibrations could be the result of an issue in the suspension or wheels. Similarly, problems while changing gears could be the result of a worn-down clutch plate or wearing down of a particular gear. So how does the mechanic confirm which part of a vehicle requires repair and which part of the vehicle is causing issues in which system? It is by running proper diagnostics on the vehicle.

It is only after the diagnostics have been run and the problem identified that repair work could be initiated. An improper diagnostic job could spell trouble for the entire vehicle as the problem will not be fixed in time and will manifest again sooner or later.

For proper diagnosis of a vehicle, not just accurate and well-calibrated machines but also expert eyes and hands are needed. The higher the level of expertise of the mechanic working on a vehicle, the better is the diagnosis and easier the repair work. We at AA Slick tyres employ both the use of expert mechanics and well-calibrated equipment to ensure that the diagnostics run on a vehicle are accurate. Aside from daily jobs that require diagnostic work, High-performance vehicle also require regular diagnostic work. This is done to ensure that they perform at their best. Our experts at AA Slick are accustomed to that as well and provide the services at some of the most competitive prices.

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