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AA Slick Tyres is a garage service facility that focuses on its customers. We ensure customer satisfaction through various factors that have been worked upon through years of experience and hard work. Yes, we are talking about our team. Our team of highly-skilled professionals is at your disposal at all times in case you need any advice. We have equipped this team with the highest class of machinery that is currently available in the market. Investment is required to ensure quality experience- this is something we understand quite well. Therefore, we must tell you that these are the same factors that we’d employ while repairing the exhaust system of your vehicle.

The exhaust system of a vehicle is supposed to safely dispose off the harmful gases out of the car, without harming you. To do this, the system employs several components like exhaust pipes, exhaust manifold, muffler, resonator, and tailpipe. The gases that need to be put out of the vehicle manifest in the combustion cylinders inside an engine. Inside the same combustion chamber, there are exhaust valves that suck in the residue that is left after the combustion process. It is to note that before the exhaust system leaves the cases out in the environment, they are processed well.

The gases which the exhaust system deals with are harmful to the environment. That is why they cannot be simply let out without processing. The exhaust system needs to make sure that the gases are no longer harmful before they are let out in the environment. This is done through the catalytic converter. It lessens the harmful emissions and transforms pollutants into water vapour and other less toxic gases. All the components of the exhaust system must function well because if the human body gets exposed to exhaust fumes, it can have adverse effects.

If you are hearing unusual sounds from the rear of the vehicle or black smoke is coming out of the exhaust tail, then you must immediately visit our garage, AA Slick Tyres. Our team will run a thorough check on your vehicle and plug the leak, wherever it might be. We are experts when it comes to dealing with vehicle-related services. We are not asking you to simply believe our words and trust us. What we are asking for is a chance. AA Slick Tyres requests you to give us a chance and drive-in!

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