Tyres Kinver

With over 7000 people residing in the area, Kinver is one of the largest parishes of South Staffordshire district in England. Surrounded by important counties like Shropshire, West Midlands and Worcestershire, the parish has its fair share of car owners.

If you are in or around Kinver and looking forward to investing in a good set of tyres for your car, AA Slick Tyres is the perfect destination for you.

We sell tyres Kinverof various reputed brands from all over the world including Autoguard, Hankook, Firestone, Firestone, Kleber, Avon, Continental, Federal Lock and many others. No matter what type of car you own, we have got all your needs for your tyres covered.

All of the tyres we sell are available at attractive prices, which give us a competitive edge over other garages. Contact our local office and let us know your preferences, your budget and the make of your car. After that, it is our responsibility to scourge the perfect set of tyres suited to your needs. 

Different types of tyres

Thanks to the difficult weather conditions in England, it is difficult for car owners to use the same batch of tyres throughout the year. This is the reason why AA Slick Tyres provides all types of special seasonal tyres.

  1. Winter tyres –

When temperatures go beyond 7° C and there occurs moderate to heavy snowfall every day, vehicleowners must opt for winter car tyres Kinver. These tyres are made by integrating rubber with silica for enhanced grip on slippery roads. With other tyres, the sleet and snow on the road can sometimes be difficult for cars to tread on.

  1. Summer tyres –

After long winter months, the snow, which settled on the road for months, begins to thaw, posing a challenge for cars to deliver the right traction. With firm treads imprinted on them, summer tyres are your best bet when temperatures start to rise again.

  1. All-weather tyres –

We, at AA Slick Tyres, understand that it may sometimes be difficult for owners to change the whole tyre set twice a year. Along with the unique seasonal tyres mentioned above, we also stock all-weather tyres,which can be used throughout the year.

  1. Part-worn tyres –

Tyres of premium brands, loaded with advanced features, can burn a hole in your pocket. To make the entire process more economical, we also stock part-worn cheap tyres Kinver. These tyres are maintained and kept in excellent conditions by our team, following the legal standard of 1.6 mm tread depth.

We also maintain a large inventory of budget car tyres. These are from lesser-known brands but can cater to your regular and normal driving needs exceptionally. 

For any more information, contact us on 01562 752480 or pay a visit to our local office at Unit 6A, Whitehouse Rd, Kidderminster DY10 1HT, UK.

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