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AA Slick Tyres understands that not all vehicle-owners wish to invest in high-priced new tyres from premium brands. It is a fact that new tyres are really expensive. Incurring that cost can be troublesome for someone who does not wish to invest much in their vehicles. For this purpose, our garage has come up with a midway solution. It is buying part worn tyres. Part worn or second-hand tyres are a good option for those people who are looking forward to buying temporary tyres or for minimal purposes. The existence of this section of tyres serves as evidence of the fact that our stock is designed according to the budget and requirement of your customers.

Safety is paramount!

It is to note that part worn tyres sold by many garages have proved to be dangerous for customers. For this reason, people have started to doubt the credibility of all part worn tyres. However, we wish to inform the customers that with the right safety measures and adequate testing, we can always ensure safety, even in the case of part worn tyres. The tyres being sold at AA Slick Tyres go through a series of thorough tests that measure the safety and performance commanded by each tyre. It is to note that any tyre that has a tyre tread depth of less than 5mm is immediately discarded.

In terms of performance and functionality, the part worn tyres do fairly well. Many vehicle enthusiasts discard their tyres much before they need to replace. These tyres are usually from trustworthy and reputable tyre brands. Also, most of the times, they are in good status. We make it a point to keep them in good storage facilities so that their condition does not deteriorate. Our team ensures you of safety and quality because compromises are not made at AA Slick Tyres when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Competitive prices

The next major factor due to which part worn tyres are bought is the price at which they are sold. While the part worn tyres in our stock are of high-quality and ensure safety, they are also quite low-priced. It is because we understand part worn tyres are bought by people who do not wish to make major investments in this component. For this reason, we regulate our prices with regard to what the customers find satisfactory and can offer. AA Slick Tyres is not a standard garage that you can try once; it is the garage that can be relied upon.

Our stock has many other types of tyres other than part worn tyres. We have summer tyres, winter tyres, and all-season tyres from premium brands like Continental, Falken, Goodyear, Yokohama, and Bridgestone. All these can be searched through the special tyre finder tool that features on our website. It will help you browse through tyres with specifications of your choice.

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