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What is it that your car needs the most? If your answer is repairing, then what you need is the service that we are going to offer you. It is not always the same case with every vehicle; the cars that are well kept according to the manufacturer's recommendations with routine check-ups and services are less prone to repairs and have a higher resale value. We, at AA Slick Tyres, are known for unmatched car servicing Kidderminster, and therefore welcome the drivers’ community to our garage to come and enjoy our excellent servicing options.

Our experts want to tell you that it is better to spend a little every year on the regular checks than to pay a hefty sum on the repair of the essential components. It is necessary that you get a full servicing of your car after every 12,000 miles covered in the city; along with that, you should also use the interim checks of your car after every 6,000 miles. Interim inspections will help you discover the lingering problems with your vehicle and assist you in rooting out the issues at their first sighting.

There are two types of services that you can choose from:

Interim service: The service is uniquely designed to cater to the necessary components that are present in a car and which are essential for the proper functioning of your vehicle.

The service incorporates elements like ABS (anti-lock braking system), Oil Filter Replacement, Steering, Suspension, Exhaust Emissions, Fuel lines, Brake Pipes, Hoses and Handbrake, Brake Pads & Discs, Tyres, etc.

Full car service: All the services that comprise of the interim service will be considered in the full car service, along with the following additional check-ups:

  1. Refilling the engine oil by flushing out the old one
  2. Spark plug check-ups and replacement accordingly
  3. Air and oil filter change
  4. Repairs on the chassis of the car if necessary

The servicing is not only crucial for the resale value of your car but also for maintaining the safety on the roads of the UK. It also reduces the on-road cost of your vehicle by saving highly on the fuel economy and tyre treads.

If you are looking for a garage to provide all of the above services while also making it affordable for you, then bring your car to us, here at AA Slick Tyres. We have a team of experts that will impart the best car servicing Kidderminster you can get in all of the UK.

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