Tyres Stourport On Severn

Stourport-on-seven or Stourport is a small parish in the idyllic countryside of Wyre Forest District of North Worcestershire. It is located downstream of River Severn and to the south of Kidderminster, having a tentative population around 21,000. While it may be absolutely pleasant to drive through the parish, the country roads leave much to be desired for.

Given that there are not too many car service stations available here, AA Slick Tyres extends its services for your benefit.

Here are a few products and services that we offer –

Summer, winter, and all-season tyres

You will have a wide range of bands while purchasing tyres Stourport-on-seven. Some of the premium ones we have in stock include –

  • Bridgestone
  • Nexen
  • Dunlop
  • Continental
  • Goodyear
  • Maxxis

Moreover, you will find car tyres Stourport-on-sevenfor all kinds of seasons. Even though summer tyres may be good to go for moderate coldweather as well, in case of sharp drop in temperatures, it may be unsuited to provide the desired grip.Switching to winter tyres will be the ideal option.

You can also opt for all-season tyres that are suited all-year round. Do note that these tyres may not be ideal for extreme wet or snowy road conditions.

Our tyres are available at different price points too. We stock a range of budget car tyres that are perfect for those who do not wish to spend exorbitantly.

Part-worn tyres

AA Slick Tyres understands the requirements of its customers well where one may not be looking to purchase a set of premium tyres. Keeping that in mind, we have an extensive stock of part-worn cheap tyres Stourport-on-seven,which have been duly passed through tests and safety checks.

If your primary consideration is a regular commute without going off on a long-distance journey, these kinds of tyres will perfectly fit the bill. Note that our part-worn tyres are mostly of reputed brands.

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is not only crucial for ensuring that there is no undue pressure on the suspension system of your car, but also preventing an accident in the worst-case scenario. Heavyimpact and poor road conditions are one of the major causes of the wheels of a car to get misaligned.

We will be glad to answer any of your queries, be it choosing the right tyres or any servicing needed for your car. You can call on 01562752480 or visit us at Unit 6A, Whitehouse Rd, Kidderminster DY10 1HT, UK.

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