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Are you looking for a place to buy Summer tyres Kidderminster online? Then let us tell you that your search has finally ended. We, AA Slick tyres, offer a range of summer tyres to choose from, that will help you with the best options in all of Kidderminster. Summer tyres are categorically known for their high performance on the dry roads when the temperature is high enough for the winter and all-season tyres.

The tyres are made from a harder rubber compound that offers exceptional cornering abilities without getting spongy while making turns at high speed. It increases the natural control of a car and maintains unmatched grip. Another significant distinction of a summer tyre that can be made with the all-season and winter tyres is their shallow treads that help the car reach its top speed, with ease. The acceleration of the car also gets enhanced because of low rolling resistance that is offered by these tyres. The tyres are also superb when traction is considered as a performance factor. Summer tyres, because of their increased contact area with the road, provide a better manoeuvrability to the car.

All these factors are helpful when you are driving a sports or racing car. The firm ride offered by these tyres is unrivalled with the bettering of the steering abilities, and agility that is provided by the summer tyres.

The only difficulty with the summer tyres’ firm ride is that it is a trade-off with the comfort of the drive. Though most of the drivers greatly prefer this firm riding experience, it is not always the case for all the drivers in the UK.

Things you should consider before buying summer tyres

Check the tread

The tyres, though come with an average tread depth of 8-9mm, lose their tread faster than the winter and all-season tyres. The main reason lies in its compound of harder rubber. The summer tyres are more prone to the abrasion offered by the road. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the treads of your summer tyres more often, and change them before it reaches the 1.6mm mark.

Don't mix the tyre variants

You should also not mix them with other variants of the tyres. You must never use your summer tyres along with the winter and all-season tyres. Since all of them have different gripping properties, they can easily cause chaos on the roads when used together.

Invest in quality tyres

It is also suggested to buy only quality summer tyres if you consider safety as a top priority. When purchasing quality tyres, you will also find the enhanced life of the tyres in use against the average budget tyres. You should always consider top brands like Michelin, Dunlop, Goodyear, etc. unless your budget for the year doesn't allow you to buy them.

In case you are looking for a place to buy high-quality cheap summer tyres Kidderminster online, make sure to check out our vast collection. The tyres are assorted considering the needs of the drivers living in Kidderminster. You can also bring your car to us, to make the most of the professional advice of our experts, here at AA Slick Tyres.

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