Tyres Torton

If you stay in Torton, Kidderminster, you will no longer have to worry about a good auto garage near you. AA Slick Tyres has a solution to all your car woes.

Among other things, car tyres may be a main point of concern for you. For any of your need fortyres Torton, you will find it in our inventory.

Here are the various kinds of tyres in our inventory –

  • Summer tyres

These tyres are made of less natural rubber compound, making it suitable for warm temperatures. It can even be used inmilder temperatures. Summer tyres are better equipped inproviding greater tractionon wet and dry tarmacs. These tyres have fewersipes, and the tread bars are uniquely designedtoresist aquaplaning. Moreover, their tread patterns are block-shaped having larger contact with the road.

  • Winter tyres

Winter tyres, on the contrary, have significantly high rubber content to make them well-suited for roads covered with snow or sleet. The specific tread patterns of these tyres provide higher traction on icy or snowy roads. As the wheel rotates, snow is pushed into the wider grooves generating further traction. Furthermore, there is higher percentage of natural rubber keeping it flexible in low temperatures.

  • All-weather tyres

There is also the option of all-weather car tyres Torton. However, it works well in moderate climates if it is neither too hot nor too cold. The characteristic of all-weather car tyres is long tread life and moderate tread depth.

  • Part-worn tyres

We understand that our clients may not necessarily require to buy premium brand tyres at all times, putting aside any budgetary constraint that maybe there. So, if you want to purchase part-worn tyres, you can come down to our facility.

The part-worn tyres that we have in our inventory have mandatorily undergone due safety checks and tests so that the quality of the tyres is not compromised.

If you are looking for new tyres but do not wish to spend much, we have budget car tyres for you too. These are ideal if you only drive for commuting and other regular use. 

AA Slick Tyres strives to provide only the best to its clients. For any information, call us on 01562752480 or visit our facility at Unit 6A, Whitehouse Rd, Kidderminster DY10 1HT, UK.

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