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Tyre Pressure

AA Slick Tyres is a garage that specialises at tyres. We offer a wide range of tyres from premium brands like Falken, Continental, Bridgestone, Goodyear, and Yokohama. Our large stock has been stacked up, considering the requirements of our customers. The extensive stock holds every possible type of tyres available, to help our customers make the best, most suitable choice.

There are different types of tyre tread patterns on the surface of the tyre. Each model has its own unique tread. It is to note that the tread of a tyre wears with time. It needs to wear evenly. This is directly related to how one should maintain a tyre or how to take care of them. The factor of highest value is keeping the tyre pressure as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. The PSI level needs to be properly noted and checked. If it is not as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, then the incorrect tyre pressure can lead to various problems.

As indicated above, the first problem is uneven tyre tread wear. If the tyre pressure is less than it should be, then the tread will wear more on the sides. Whereas, if the tyre pressure is more than it should be, then the tread will wear more in the middle. Other than uneven tread wear, incorrect tyre pressure can also increase the rolling resistance of a tyre, which in turn reduces the fuel economy of the vehicle. Incorrect tyre pressure can also affect wheel alignment, wheel balance, and other suspension components. Arguably, tyre pressure is the most simple yet the most important factor when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

Tyre pressure checks are important if you wish to prolong the life of your tyre. Drive to our garage today if you require a tyre pressure check. AA Slick Tyres, as mentioned before, is an expert at tyres. Our team of experts and technicians are ready to provide you with substantial advice on how to maintain your vehicle. While disseminating and dealing with vehicle-related products and services, we follow only one rule and one aim- customer satisfaction.

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