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Their food may not be the best, but the Germans sure know how to make a car. Similar is the case with car parts. No matter the requirement, the Germans deliver with flying colours. Even in tyres the German brand, Continental Tyres is amongst the best and most regarded in the world. Our facilities at AA Slick Tyres acknowledge the quality of German tyres and have a huge inventory of Continental Tyres to quench our customer's needs.

Continental tyres are considered amongst the best tyre brands across the world. With operations in more than a hundred countries, the company is still expanding. They are now expanding their base to the island country of Costa Rica for the development and manufacturing of new tyres Kidderminster.

Many reasons work in favour of Continental tyres being the tyres of choice. Here are a few.

Continental Tyres come from the country of no speed limits on certain motorways. What this means is that the Germans trust not just their drivers but also their vehicles' mechanical prowess enough to have removed speed limits. That’s the land where Continental Tyres come from.

Established in 1871, they have been in business for as long as the business has existed. In their initial years, they were one of the most sought after motorcycle and vulcanised rubber brands. Even today their tyres for mountain biking are well sought after.

Today, they have operational bases in all the continents and are the fourth-largest suppliers of tyres in the world. They are well renowned for the superior quality and durability of their tyres. Their tyres are used by not just big but titanic names in the motoring industry. Some of their long terms customers are companies like Volkswagen, Honda BMW, and Porsche.

Continental not only is one of the biggest names in tyre manufacturing but are also famed for other car parts. They are central to many car parts manufactured for use in some of the biggest names in the industry.

If Continental tyres are good enough for the best brands of automotive manufacturers then should be good enough for use by motoring enthusiasts as well.

Keeping the superiority of Continental Tyres in mind, we at AA slick Tyres have a huge inventory of their tyres for our customers to choose from. Our stock of Continental tyres is available at compelling prices along with fitment.

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