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Goodyear is a company with a story. A story which, in short, is of a small company turning into a leading brand. Yes, Goodyear started in 1898 with a small factory. Today, as the world knows it, Goodyear is one of the best tyre manufacturers in the world. From a small factory in Ohio, it has had a journey of 200 years which lead to the establishing of more than 20 facilities around the world that engage in rubber, treads, and other tyre-related manufacturing. It is an inspiring story; a story of success and failures, one that reflects the last 200 years of world history.

The brand has a lot to offer. It is making performance tyres, winter tyres, summer tyres, car tyres, and truck tyres. You name it- Goodyear has it. These products are not simply being put into the assembly line and manufactured. There is a long process before that happens. Each tyre model is an idea at Goodyear; an idea that should connect with different types of customers. A tread design that does not appeal is not something that happens when it comes to this particular brand. With the highest quality and great assurance, AA Slick Tyres presents its stock of Goodyear tyres to the customers in Kidderminster.

It is to note that modernisation, innovation, and mega-tech has made it possible for Goodyear tyres to be capable of facing difficulties and all types of weather-related challenges. To buy a Goodyear tyre that suits your requirements, you can use the tyre finder tool that features on our website. You will get the best tyres, like Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 and EfficientGrip Performance. Both the models are summer tyres, come with RunOnFlat technology, offer superior rim protection, have great on-road and off-road capacities, and are made with a specialised rubber compound.

Winter tyres like UltraGrip Performance and UltraGrip Cargo are also available. While the latter provides better balance between dry and snow performance, has enhanced braking and traction on snow as well as ice, and improved mileage under heavy loads, the former offers excellent braking distance on snow, reduced risk of aquaplaning, and optimised tread wear. Overall, what Goodyear serves you on the plate is diverse and excellent.



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