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The most dreaded test that has to be taken by every driver in the UK, MOT is a series of simple checks of your car's components. When you come to us, here at AA Slick Tyres, our experts perform the necessary vehicle inspection Kidderminster at a very nominal price. The checks that are incorporated in the examination are performed, keeping your MOT in mind. The key to every successful MOT pass certificate is regular maintenance and servicing. It is not only about keeping the car in good shape for the MOT test but also about the necessary safety that is needed on the roads in the UK.

Our experts recommend that you form a habit of getting your car serviced every 12,000 miles, but to save on repairs, you should also get your vehicles checked every 6,000 miles. The car will be scrutinised for its various components, and then the health status for the individual part will be provided to you. It is a better way of knowing whether the car is really in need of any servicing and repair or not. You can also manage your budget for the next service after judging the inferences drawn from the vehicle inspections.

Here at AA Slick Tyres, we have a team of experts who have professional eyes looking at your vehicle for crucial repairs and services that can help you save a fortune. The things that are looked at when you come to us for your vehicle inspections are ABS (anti-lock braking system), Timing Belts, Oil Filter Replacement, Steering, Suspension, Exhaust Emissions, Fuel lines, Brake Pipes, Hoses and Handbrake, Brake Pads & Discs, Tyres, and much more.

Car inspection is the best thing to do if you don’t get the time for interim check-ups, or the interim service is a little over your budget. Our experts have years of experience in the automotive industry and will get to you with the most accurate report. We are a genuine garage and give customer satisfaction the utmost priority. You can bring your car to us, here at AA Slick tyres and free yourself from any tension and stress about lingering problems in your vehicle. To know more about vehicle inspection Kidderminster, don’t forget to give us a call.

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