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Is it OK to drive on the roads of the UK with summer tyres on when the temperature goes below 7 Degrees? Legally, there is no guideline preventing the use of summer tyres in harsh winters in the UK. But when you consider safety as the top priority factor in defining the use of winter tyres Kidderminster, you should definitely switch your set of tyres. Don't wait for an accident to occur and buy yourself a set of winter tyres with us, AA Slick Tyres.

Winter tyres are especially made to cater to the driving needs when the temperature, in a state or a country as a whole, plummets down below 7-degree Celsius. The tyres are made from a softer rubber compound, with the inclusion of silica to offer high traction on the roads covered with snow. They provide better gripping than all the summer and all-season tyres in wet conditions.

These tyres also have an exclusive tread pattern that has deeper grooves than that are present on the summer tyres. The tyres have dedicated shallower cuts, carved on the tread of the tyres, known as sipes, that help the tyres in the displacement of water by proper channelling. The enhanced displacement of water helps the tyre resist aquaplaning. Aquaplaning is a dangerous phenomenon that results in the skidding of a vehicle. Under the influence of aquaplaning, the vehicle slips on the layer of water between the road and the tyres, thus leading to chaotic situations.

While buying winter tyres Kidderminster, do remember that you should never mix them with the summer tyres. Both tyres are very different in their composition and hence, can lead to a difference in performance and traction. Doing this will make your car skid because of either one of them, which will not be the right thing to happen on a busy road. It is highly recommended that you switch them back with the summer tyres as soon as the temperature gets warmer. The main reason is that the winter tyres tend to wear out more quickly on the dry road, in hot weather.

It is of utmost importance to store your winter tyres in the right condition to maintain their long life. You can store them in a properly cooled place, away from any natural solvent. Just remember to keep it adequate dark in the storage.

To buy the right set of winter tyres Kidderminster that will suit your driving needs in the best way possible, don't forget to give our extensive collection a look. You can also buy them online with us, AA Slick Tyres. We store superb winter tyres from the most renowned brands in the market. To know more, remember, we are just a call away!

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