Tyres Wolverley

If you own a four-wheeler and reside somewhere in and around the civil parish of Wolverley, in the Wyre Forest District, you might be hard-pressed to find a garage that stocks premium quality tyres.

AA Slick Tyres is now operational in Wolverley and brings to its residents a myriad of tyre choices from among the world’s best, such as Michelin, Pirelli, Hankook, Firestone, Continental and Goodyear.

At AA Slick Tyres, you are introduced to a wide variety of different seasonal variants of tyres Wolverley that are specially adapted to every weather condition possible. These seasonal variants can be of the following types:

  1. All-season tyres: All-season tyres usually come integrated with a strong, firm tread, that’s designed to last longer and boast of a very firm grip. These can prove to be very economical, as they can sustain almost every type of weather condition.
  2. Summer tyres: When temperatures soar above 7° C, it’s time to get a set of summer tyres for your car. Given the varying wet and dry patches that vehicle owners frequently encounter on Wolverley roads, it’s only natural that summer tyres are the best bet with their firm tread patters and rubber compounds.
  3. Winter tyres: When temperatures plummet down to less than 7° C, switching to winter tyres is the wise thing to do. We, at AA Slick Tyres, stock numerous car tyres Wolverley that are suited well to extreme winter conditions, from sleets of ice to wet, mushy roads.

When looking for simple replacement tyres, car owners may feel the need to cut down on their expenses and resort to part-worn tyres that are very cheap and affordable. We offer a range of cheap tyres Wolverley that are part-worn but have passed all guidelines, keeping the safety of car owners in mind.

Part-worn tyres have been formerly used on other vehicles and have now removed for any number of reasons. We, however, recommend that you don't use part-worn tyres in adverse conditions, as these can sometimes prove a little inconvenient.

If general cruising or slow, comfortable rides are on your mind, part-worn tyres are what you exactly need.

You can also opt for our budget car tyres if you only drive your car for regular use, like commuting.

When it comes to the right set of tyres for your car, it is best to read through the manufacturer’s specifications. What are the typical weather conditions in your area? How often do you drive? Depending on these, you can also have our team of experts pick the right tyres for your car and fit them too.

You can also find the perfect set of tyres for your car through the tyre finder tool on our website. Simply enter your car’s registration number or required tyre size to search

For more information on our diagnostics and tyre services, call us on 01562752480 or visit us at Unit 6A, Whitehouse Rd, Kidderminster DY10 1HT, UK.

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